Help your brain work faster

Refreshing meetings

Meetings at the wellness hotel have potential to stimulate and improve physical performance as well. To accompany meetings, you can book:



When the day is full of sitting or working in static positions, the body and the mind long for movement and energy. This excersice is a great boost in the middle of a meeting day. The Wellness-quarter focuses on preventing and treating back and neck and shoulder problems. 

Length 5-30 min


Mover Body&Balance™

Body maintenance with a focus on controlling deep muscles, relaxing and stretching superficial muscles as well as increasing mobility. This calm and pleasant hour makes everyone feel good! The session is led by a physical therapist.

Length 45-60 min


Superman’s Power Hour: FUSTRA session for small groups, body composition measurement and feedback

Fustra is an award-winning exercise method used to improve posture, ease neck and shoulder pain, increase mobility, develop body control and strengthen mid-body muscles. The patented measurement system (InBody) helps to measure body composition quickly and reliably. The results are given to the client in an easy-to-read report. The InBody measurement system is a generally accepted method also in scientific use.

Length approx. 60 min


Spa manicure or spa pedicure

Book a moment of pampering at Day Spa Verso.

Length 30 min

Neck and shoulder massage: During a break in the meeting room, a massage helps to circulate blood and generate ideas faster.

Length approx. 10 min

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