Serene meeting room
47 12/30

Seating arrangements:

  • classroom 18+2 pers.
  • u shape 16 pers.
  • boardroom 12 pers.
  • theatre 30 hlöä

Basic equipment:

  • LCD screen
  • Wlan
  • notepads and pens
  • flip charts
  • toilet
  • natural light (windows facing courtyard)
Welcome to Kuusikko

Kuusikko = spruce forest. Maunulanpuisto is one section of the Central Park. Maunula’s forests include stands of robust spruce, red-trunked pines and groves of white birch. Special features in the area include the stands of aspen and larch in Haltiala.

Contact details



The restaurant and conference business of Hotel Haaga Central Park is operated by Fazer Food Services Ltd.
+358 50 476 0205


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