Fresh and healthy breakfast

  • Breakfast

Breakfast opening hours:
Mon-Fri Sat-Sun
6.30-9.30 7.30-10.30

15 €/person (complimentary for hotel guests)


Breakfast buffet

Hot favourites

  • Bacon, sausages, scrambled eggs and boiled eggs
  • Roasted season’s vegetables
  • Organic porridge
  • Varying Finnish specialities

Freshly baked own bread and delicious bread rolls from local bakeries

  • Bread selection, house bread, croissants, bread rolls, hard rye bread and toast
  • Butter, margarine, cream cheese, bread spread

Cheese, cold cuts and salmon!

  • Domestic cheese selection
  • Cold cuts selection
  • Smoked salmon and herring
  • Tomato, cucumber, lettuce and wide selection of fresh season vegetables

Daily berries and other wellness choices

  • Organic yoghurt and traditional seasoned yoghurt
  • Seeds and nuts, granola and wholegrain cereals
  • Green, berrie or fruit smoothies
  • Fresh fruit salad and fruit and berries
  • Dried berries and fruit, fresh berry mix
  • Self-made jams, traditional strawberry jam or orange marmalade

Organic beverages

  • Organic coffee and wide selection of trendy and ecologic teas
  • Organic honey and organic cane sugar
  • Skimmed, coffee, and oat milk
  • Organic juices: apple, orange and lingonberry

(We reserve the right to changes.)



Contact Details



The restaurant and conference business of Hotel Haaga Central Park is operated by Fazer Food Services Ltd.
+358 50 476 0205