Delicious lunch

Buffet lunch 14,40€ /person
Soup lunch 11,50€ /person
Pensioner's lunch  11,50€ / person
Children's lunch 7, 20€ / person (4-12 years)

Business lunch 42€ / person, or + 10€ / person when combined with a meeting package

Central Park’s buffet lunch always offers a delicious selection of salads as well as herbs, seeds and oils.
The price of the lunch buffet includes ice water, bread, coffee/tea and a small dessert.

Central Park’s business lunch is a 3 course menu served at the table.

Please reserve the business lunch in advance from the sales service

There is also a cabinet for 10 people near the restaurant.



Opening hours




LUNCH WEEK 22, also take away lunch available

MONDAY 29.5.

Cheese and potato soup

Soya and cauliflower curry

Parsley rice

Shrimp and salmon pasta



Fluffy cauliflower soup

Soy and vegetable pasta

Greek-style meatloaf with feta and onion sauce

Parsley potatoes



Bell pepper soup

Falafel balls with chili mayo

Lamb meatballs with rosemary sauce

Garlic potatoes



Pea and vegetable soup

Cauliflower wings

Salmon meatloaf with dill and sour cream sauce

Mashed potatoes



Ginger-carrot soup

Oat macaroni casserole

Spicy coconut chicken sauce with rice


G = Gluten free / L = Lactose free / M = Milk free / V = Vegan

Contact Details

Hotel Haaga Central Park Sales Service
+358 50 476 0205


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