Buffet lunch is served during weekdays

Buffet lunch 14,90€ /person
Soup lunch 11,90€ /person
Pensioner's lunch  11,90€ / person
Children's lunch 7,45€ / person (4-12 years)

Central Park’s buffet lunch always offers a delicious selection of salads as well as herbs, seeds and oils. The price of the lunch buffet includes ice water, bread, coffee/tea and a small dessert. Also speciality coffees cappuccino, espresso and americano are included in the price of the buffet lunch.

Business lunch 44€ / person, or + 10€ / person when combined with a meeting package.
Central Park’s business lunch is a 3 course menu served at the table.

Please reserve the business lunch in advance from the sales service

There is also a cabinet for 10 people near the restaurant.



Opening hours




Lunch week 20 (13.-17.5.), take away lunch also available


MONDAY 13.5.

Shrimp soup G, M

Vegetable stew with soya G, M, V

Beef patties with creamy onion sauce G, L

Roasted potatoes G, M, V



Onion soup G, M

Vegetables with pesto, falafel and vegan tsatsiki G, M, V

Breaded fish with horseradish sauce L

Mashed potatoes G, L



Goat cheese soup G, L

Tofu wok M, V

Creamy beef stew with roasted potatoes G, L



Vegetarian pea soup G, M, V

Potato bake with vegan chorizo and aioli G, M, V

Roasted salmon with white wine sauce and rösti potato G, L


FRIDAY 17.5.

Vegetable soup with coconut G, M, V

Couscous tagine with garbanzo and youghurt sauce M, V

Pork stew with parsley potatoes G, M


G = Gluten free, L = Lactose free, M = Milk free, V = Vegan



Contact Details

Hotel Haaga Central Park Sales Service

+358 50 476 0205


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