Popular meeting room
121 16/80

Seating arrangements:

  • classroom 50+2 persons
  • U-shape 26 persons
  • group tables 40 persons
  • boardroom 16 persons
  • theatre 60 persons

Basic equipment:

  • data projector
  • screen
  • 2 flip boards
  • Wlan
  • notepads and pens
  • PA system
  • 2 team work rooms
  • toilets
  • lobby
  • balcony

Welcome to Aarni

Aarni = primeval forest in Finnish. The Central Park is at its widest in Haltiala. The primeval forest of Haltiala is one of the four nature protection areas in the Central Park. The primeval forest of Haltiala, containing the most valuable natural features in the area, has been growing untouched by human hand for over half a century. Woodpecker drumming is one of the usual sounds in the primeval forest.

Contact details

Hotel Haaga Central Park Sales Service

+358 50 476 0205

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