Tuna sandwich à la Chef and french fries L    12,80 €

House baked focaccia with a delicious tuna filling and french fries

(incl. citrus)


Marinated green asparagus & cold smoked salmon G, L    14,20 €

Accompanied with a fresh lime sauce

(incl. citrus)


Caesar salad L    15,60 €

A classic of romaine salad, Caesar sauce and parmesan cheese.

Choose from either shrimp or grilled chicken

(incl. chilli, fish, garlic)


Chef’s veggie patties & white asparagus G, M, V    16,60 €

Cauliflower puree with coconut, potato cake and balsamic sauce.

(incl. chilli, garlic)


Traditional cream of salmon soup L    17,60 €

A classic made of salmon, cream, potato and onion.

Includes our house baked Finnish sweet and black rye bread.


Grilled fillet of chicken G, L    18,80 €

White asparagus and hollandaise sauce. Potato cake and grilled tomato.


BBQ-babyribs & french fries G, L    18,80 €

Spiced ribs with coleslaw

(incl. chilli, garlic)


Central Park Burger 2.0 & french fries L    17,40 €

House baked brioche bun and our own beef patty, bacon, cheddar, coleslaw, fresh salad, pickles and marinated red onion.


For children

Grilled fillet of chicken with crispy french fries 11,80 €

Green salad and mayonnaise



Passionfruit cheesecake G, L    9,50 €

Our baker’s cheesecake, accompanied with berries.


Welcome to enjoy!




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Wed 06.30-09.30   11.00-13.00 17.00-21.30
Thu 06.30-09.30   11.00-13.00 17.00-21.30
Fri 06.30-09.30   11.00-13.00 17.00-21.30
Sat 07.30-10.30   - 17.00-21.30
Sun 07.30-10.30   - -


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