Scandinavian pureness

Restaurant Central Park’s dining philosophy is based on the Scandinavian pureness and freshness. The menu also includes international portions with a lovely Nordic twist. The menu has two parts: a fixed list of international options and a seasonal list of Scandinavian and Finnish options, which are always based on seasonal ingredients as per the harvest calendar. Our kitchen boasts a lava rock grill, which is a rarity in Finnish restaurants. The grill is used for cooking meat, fish and our domestic vegetables. Our kitchen also makes its own fruity grilling sauce, which we pair with grilled foods for enhanced flavours. The business idea of Restaurant Central Park and of the entire hotel is summarised in the Scandinavian terms that describe the well-being of today and the future. Both of them embrace concepts, such as Scandinavia, homeliness, a relaxed and positive, balance, clean ingredients and health.

Taking care of oneself and investing in holistic well-being is one of the main themes of our entire hotel. Restaurant Central Park offers food choices that allow you to pamper your body and mind. The hotel has received the Green Key environmental certificate and our Portaat luomuun organic classification level is 3. We offer organic options at every meal and our restaurant gives you the chance to make food choices that have a smaller burden on the environment.

We serve you at breakfast, brunch, lunch, drinks, dinner buffet, events and occasions. And the icing on the cake is our happy and service-oriented staff. The diverse premises of the restaurant can be converted to events for 50-300 people. There is also a cabinet for 10 people near the restaurant.




Ravintola Central Park opening hours:
# Breakfast   Lunch  
Mon 06.30-09.30   11.00-13.00  
Tue 06.30-09.30   11.00-13.00  
Wed 06.30-09.30   11.00-13.00  
Thu 06.30-09.30   11.00-13.00  
Fri 06.30-09.30   11.00-13.00  
Sat 07.30-10.30   -  
Sun 07.30-10.30   -  


Contact Details

Hotel Haaga Central Park Sales Service
+358 50 476 0205


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