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Restaurant Central Park’s dining philosophy is based on the Scandinavian pureness and freshness. The menu also includes international portions with a lovely Nordic twist. The menu has two parts: a fixed list of international options and a seasonal list of Scandinavian and Finnish options, which are always based on seasonal ingredients as per the harvest calendar.

Our kitchen boasts a lava rock grill, which is a rarity in Finnish restaurants. The grill is used for cooking meat, fish and our domestic vegetables. Our kitchen also makes its own fruity grilling sauce, which we pair with grilled foods for enhanced flavours.

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Due to Covid19 the à la carte dinner is closed for an unspecific amount of time.

The Lobby bar serves food and drinks 24/7


Reindeer Buckwheat pancake L
- Reindeer tartar, sour cream and red onion
12,60 €

Crayfish Buckwheat pancake L
- Crayfish tartar, sour cream and red onion
12,60 €

Blini Feast L
- 2 Blinis with reindeer tartar, crayfish tartar, sour cream and red onion
16,80 €

Creamy Crayfish Soup L, G
- Sweet Rye Bread and Butter
12,60 € /15,20 €

Salad with Grapes and Avocado L, G 9,80 € /12,80 €
- Organic salad, avocado, grapes, marinated red onion, roasted chickpeas and lime vinaigrette
With Chicken L, G 12,80 € /16,80 €
With Crayfish L, G 12,80 € /16,80 €



Pestopasta with Tomato Salsa L
- Organic whole grain pasta, basilica-pesto, tomato salsa and pine nuts
14,60 €

Central Park Hot Dog L
- Brioche bun, bratwurst, bbq-pulled pork, Dijon mayonnaise, tomato salsa and marinated red onion *
13,60 €

Central Park Veggie Hot Dog L
- Brioche bun, soybean sausage, Dijon-mayonnaise, tomato salsa and marinated red onion *
12,80 €

Central Park Fish Burger L
- Multigrain bun, house-made salmon patty, tomato salsa, Dijon mayonnaise, salad and red onion *
17,80 €

Central Park Cheese Bacon Burger L
- Multigrain bun, Finnish 160 g hamburger beef steak, tomato salsa, Dijon mayonnaise, salad, bacon and Jukola cheddar *
17,80 €
* as a side dish you may choose between French fries, sweet potato fries or green salad

Finnish Beef Tenderloin 150 g L, G
- Hollandaise sauce, asparagus and potato cake
28,80 €

Grilled white fish and asparagus L, G
- Hollandaise sauce, asparagus and roasted vegetables
24,80 €



Crème Brûlée L, G 8,20 €

Chocolate cake and berries L 8,80 €

Strawberry cheesecake L 9,90 €

Selection of ice creams
(Please ask your waiter for more details) 3 € / portion



L = Made of lactose-free ingredients , G = Made of gluten-free ingredients 

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The restaurant and conference business of Hotel Haaga Central Park is operated by Fazer Food Services Ltd.
+358 50 476 0205


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